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by Alex Hall with illustrations by Mike Johnson ISBN10: 0-9548330-0-7
ISBN13: 978-0-9548330-0-8    142pp A5 PB

This is a collection of stories, filled with beautifully vivid descriptions, concerning the Ellyllon and Ælfen (effectively two different types of Elves), and the humans (and other beings) they have dealings with, set throughout history in the British Isles and the mythical Five Lands of Albion.   As you read these synopses, please bear in mind how difficult it is to give you some idea of what the stories are about without, as it were, 'giving the game away'...

Re-piecing the Fragments tells of the ap Llyr clan, post-Arthurian Ellyllon exiles in the new lands, and how the itinerant family of Octavian of Coedan (particularly the daughter, Flavia) interact with them as they try to deal with a problem preventing them from moving into their new villa.

I Will Love You For Ever is set in early mediaeval times and deals with the attempt of a group of adventurous mercenaries to clear bandits from a cave and what becomes of a particularly strong-willed member of the group in the aftermath.

Ælf-friend concerns Sigeweard, a healer living around the time of the Norman invasion of England, when attitudes towards the Ælfen here (and those they have befriended) are changing for the worse.

Heart’s Blood – who is the solitary hero and what is the quest that has been his obsession for many years?

Brighter Than The Sun deals with deception and drama in the wake of Shakespeare’s popularising of plays and sonnets.

Whither my destiny takes me... is set after a long struggle has ravaged the lands and has a heroine who has to make her own way in the world due to tragedies beyond her control.

Faerie Blood – what are the disadvantages and benefits of non-human traits passed down through intermarriage?   How will they affect the lives of an unhappy courtesan and a lowly fisherman?

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