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*** Two Books: Twice the Enjoyment ***

Let me introduce myself: I am Andrew Butler, sometimes known by the nickname "Baldric".   After a couple of decades of producing things like newsletters (with fairly low circulation figures) and a few years editing the bulletin of The Tolkien Society, I am taking my first (tentative) steps into the field of book publishing.   I am also new to the world of websites, so please be gentle with me!   I hope that, as we add titles to our list, this website will improve until we reach the standards of more established publishers.

Aside from the practical publishing side of things, I shall also use this site to propound from time to time on various aspects of typography and document production, since this is a hobby as well as a job.   I hope you will find some of my musings interesting, but do feel free to ignore them if you are just here to buy books.   To make this easier, Iím keeping the different sections of the website separate.   Please click on the relevant link to go to the section you want to visit.

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If you would like to contact me, please send an e-mail to baldric "at" thebaldricpress "dot" com (replacing the word "at" with the symbol "@" and the word "dot" with the symbol "." leaving no spaces - I've put it like this to avoid spam spiders!)

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